With our marketing office in Hong Kong, and a manufactory plant in China, Beauty Shadow is able to combine western style management with low cost, precision manufacturing of China. At the heart to Beauty Shadow's success lies in their meticulous attention to detail by all levels of management and staffs.

Constant intensive interactive training and workshops have enabled our staff to be updated with the latest with the latest technologies in the industry as well as the upcoming trends of the world. Highly qualified staffs frequently hold in house seminars to transfer their knowledge and stimulate new ideas.

Well Equipped

Beauty Shadow has equipped its production lines with highly automated manufacturing equipment which has allowed us to produce very stable products at a lower cost. This has also enabled us to produce and deliver goods at a must faster rate. Aside from having advanced automated manufacturing equipment, a motivated tand well trained workforce ensure that Beauty Shadow's products are of a consistent quality and is functionally safe to meet all standards of the world.

Top Quality

All processes of manufacturing, from design, order placement, manufacturing, testing to shipping are completed with care from our staffs. With separate production lines for small and large orders, Beauty Shadow is able to flexibly produce orders despite order volumes. We have also been certified under ISO:9001 quality management system and consider quality management assurance a central attribute to becoming a international respected and renounced company.

Lead free soldering machines are used to guarantee that no harmful materials are used in their products and stringent checking requirements at every stage of the production process ensures that all incoming components are tested before they are put into their lamps. All finished lamps are aged fully through different voltage zones to assure that our products are compatible in different parts of the world. This standardized management system and systemized quality control ensure that only the highest quality products find themselves to our customers around the globe. Each and every single lamp is tested before it is being packaged.

Into the Future

Over the past decade, Beauty Shadow has created over 300 types of energy saving lamp products through constant innovation and development. Beauty Shadow's sincere business attitude has won the trust of its clients and business partners. Beauty Shadow's excellent international reputation as an internationally recognized quality company has triggered substantial expansion over the past years. In this dynamic, every changing world of today, Beauty Shadow is determined to be at the forefront of the international market with its state of the art technology, production expertise and while placing emphasis on research and development. Beauty Shadow is set to build on its reputation as a company synonymous with top quality.

Quality Assurance

All of Beauty Shadow's products are certified under various standards of the world, here are some of their certificates: